Pro Roof Washers


"I thought we needed to replace our roof becuase it looked so bad. Thanks to Pro Roof Washers it looks like new again"-Jim and Sharon, Mantua, Ohio

"What a difference a clean gutters makes. I cant believe it"-Collett, Lyndhurst, Ohio

"I never even knew a roof could be cleaned. It looks amazing"- Bob P, Mayfield Hts, Ohio

"I cant believe I lived with this ugly stained roof. Wow, it looks awesome" -Bill and Chris T, Lyndhurst, Ohio

" Who knew a roof could be cleaned. We were just going to eventually replace it, but now we dont have to"- Tom T, Newbury,Ohio

"We just got a new roof 9 years ago and it was already badly stained. Thanks Frank at Pro Roof Washers" - Joyce S, Barberton, Ohio

"Pro Roof Washers did a great job. THANK YOU!!!-Renee N, Macedonia, Ohio



    We've done our homework so you can rest assured that we utilize only the safe, ARMA-recommended, NON-PRESSURE method for cleaning roofs. If you value the integrity of your roof and want to maximize its lifespan then you'd be wise to avoid the services of any contractor who wants to come within 100 feet of your shingles with a power washer. Don't say we didn't warn you.

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